City Car Driving Game Free Download

City Car Driving Game Free Download

City Car Driving Game Free Download

City Car Driving Game Free Download


City Car Driving is a realistic driving simulation that will assist one to grasp the fundamental capabilities of vehicle operating in various road conditions, dipping within an atmosphere as near as possible to true.

“Smart” traffic that effectively simulates traffic in unexpected harmful circumstances and the present, unpredictable people may keep up with the environment of the real traffic situation and won’t allow you to relax. Additionally full-range of instances and weather conditions of the time[/ w] from morning and water haze to snow and night snow will get ready for operating underneath the most adverse conditions.

Utilizing the traffic regulations compliance monitoring program and the teacher suggestions you’ll resolve the data of traffic regulations in various nations of the planet. The listing of these nations can increase in improvements. On special autodromes you’ll have the ability to work-out various kinds of exercises, both unique, and fundamental, for teaching in operating, for exercising the weather of extreme driving and counter incident training.

B Advantages:

Useful driving skills within the town and about the autodrome education.


Automatic and physical gearboxes are recognized and work-in accordance with real analogues.

Education of table accident operating in a specific autodrome.

Practical traffic behavior which could break traffic regulations.

Damaged traffic lights etc, unexpected hazardous conditions for example: likely to the oncoming lane, a sharp end, an urgent car purchase change in traffic, people running over the road.
Realistic physics that affects on-road vehicles conduct and enables full fledged accidents with visible damage.

A broad choice of vehicles. Along with vehicles within the simulator’s different types are offered: subcompact, minivan, vehicle, collection and a little vehicle in addition to vehicles using the right hand drive. These vehicles possess the whole group of settings such as lights and the noise transmission.

Random paths in free driving style with customizable parameters.

It’s possible to find the time and climate conditions (water, ideal, ice, evening, fog etc.)
Slim twisted courtyards and multi level parkings with plenty of vehicles.
Recording/playback function for evaluation of driving problems.

Help of gaming wheels, joysticks and gamepads.

Help of virtual reality products: TrackIR head and HTC-Vive in addition to Oculus Rift.

Title: City Car Driving
Category: Simulation, Indie, Racing
Developer: Ltd, Forward Development.
Publisher: Ltd, Forward Global Group.
DirectX: Version 11
Soundcard: Any sound card suitable for DirectX 9.0
Proper system operation on computers with integrated video cards and on notebooks isn’t guaranteed! The gear manufacturer determines proposed program requirements for that Oculus Rift & HTC-Vive.

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City Car Driving Game Free Download

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