Bookworm Word Game Free Download

Bookworm Word Game Free Download


Build words and battle monsters in this spelling sense! Survive three mythic storybooks and raise your power with fantastic gems, potions and magical treasures. It is the ultimate test of vocabulary valor! Bookworm Word Game is a follow up to the word-forming computer puzzle game Bookworm from PopCap Games. Published in November 2006, Bookworm Word Game unites the “create words from sets of letters” facet of Bookworm with different elements of a role-playing video game. At the 2007 Interactive Achievement Awards, Bookworm Word Game won the “Downloadable Game of the Year”. The game also won three Zeeby prizes for Best Word & Trivia Game of 2006, Best Game Layout of 2006 and Greatest Story/Narrative of 2006

Bookworm Word Game is developed and released by PopCap Games, Inc.. Help Lex battle through books in a spelling sense of epical proportions! With exciting mini-games and brilliant bonus modes, it is the best test of vocabularic valor!


Published in 2006, Bookworm Word Game is a fun and whimsical adventure game which combines elements of mystery games and role-playing games. Designed to make learning more enjoyable for kids, the developers won a variety of prizes for the work they did. Regardless of the game spawning many sequels and launching a franchise, the first game still holds up to consumer demands for this day. The game is a excellent way to get kids excited about computers, learning and reading. Lex the Bookworm guides players through different levels that focus on a particular era of history and the sort of literature available during that age. Greek mythology, Chinese mythology and fairy tales are simply a couple of the amounts available. When players begin the game, Lex shows them how to form various words with the letters on the screen. The character then thrusts players to the game and sets them up against their initial enemy. Rather than using weapons, players create words to combat. The computer-generated enemies also produce words, and these words will knock down the player’s health meter. Players who form words fast will knock out their opponents and move to another level. Though Bookworm Word Game is acceptable for players of different ages, it resonates more strongly with younger players and children. They love playing a game that allows them to use the activities and skills they learned in ability, and parents love knowing that their children have a game that doesn’t rely on graphical and realistic violence. Younger kids will have no difficulty getting through the lower levels from the game, but they may feel somewhat frustrated when it comes to forming words from lesser-used letters at the higher levels. Another problem with the game is that it’s a repetitive feel. Players will quickly notice that many levels are rather similar. While the opponents and backgrounds change, players must still form words from several letters and use the very same products and potions to win their battles. This is a frequent problem among older gamers, but younger gamers will have hours of fun with the sport. Children today need to develop strong computer skills whenever possible, which is where this game can be a real advantage. They will also have fun learning new words and finding out exactly what these words mean, and they can use those new words at school and in their assignment. The enjoyment and strength of this game explains why Bookworm Word Game won numerous awards through the years. Players find out more about different kinds of literature and how to spell various words. Game play is so much fun that children won’t understand they’re learning.


Key Fetures:


Three ecstatic mini-games: Word Master, Letter Rip and Link — Gentle!

Stupendous chromed-out graphics and astonishing special effects!
Stunning sound fx and music!
Spell, excel and make your mark at the glittering Hall of Fame!

Minimum: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 128 MB RAM, 500MHz or faster, DirectX: 7.0
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Bookworm Word Game Free Download

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